Abdon. Map

      Elizabeth Bray (2nd-great-grandmother) was christened in Abdon in 1795. Elizabeth�s Bray, Tasker, and Collier ancestors lived in the village back through William Tasker (6th-great-grandfather, 1662). John Collier (5th-great-grandfather) was the Rector (Clergyman) at Abdon from 1745 to 1780.

  St. Margaret's Church. John Collier (5th-great-grandfather) was the Rector of this Church from 1745 to 1780.

  Abdon house.

  Abdon field.

      Abdon is a scattered hamlet linked to Clee St. Margaret, a small village, by narrow lanes. It is on the western side of Brown Clee Hill. The small River Corve flows nearby. At Abdon there is the lonely St. Margaret�s Church outside the hamlet. There are remains of a deserted medieval village next to Abdon�s circular churchyard. Today, there are just a few farmhouses in the village (The Shropshire Village Book, Page 43 and Directories of Shropshire & Herefordshire, Page 269).

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