Other English

      The following are a list of cities, towns and villages in England that are Robinson ancestral locations but are not located in Suffolk or Essex counties.

Barley, Hertfordshire. Map

      Thomas Willett (10th-great-grandfather, 1605) was born here. He emigrated to America.

      Barley is a village not far south of Whaddon, Cambridgeshire.

Deptford, Kent.

      Margory Watson (10th-great-grandmother, 1617) lived here.

London, London.

      John Thompson (11th-great-grandfather, 1588) lived in London and died here in 1626.

Plymouth, Devonshire.

      Mary Brown (10th-great-grandmother, 1615) was born here about 1615. She emigrated to Massachusetts.

Preston Capes, Northampton.

      Thomas Parke (10th-great-grandfather, 1615) was christened here. He died in Connecticut. His wife, Dorothy Thompson (1624), was born here.

Rusper, Sussex.

      Phoebe Brown (10th-great-grandmother, 1620) was christened here.

      Rusper is a village a little southwest of the Gatwick airport.

Tewkesbury, Gloucester.

      Thomas Tracy (9th-great-grandfather, 1610) was born here. He died in Connecticut.

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